KEVIN coming to the 2011 SoAL Film Fest

The SoAL Film Fest is pleased to announce that Jay Duplass’ first documentary project KEVIN is coming to the 2011 festival. We’re also very excited that documentary subject Kevin Gant will accompany the film to Mobile for Q&As and live performances throughout the festival weekend.

Jay Duplass and brother Mark are very well known on the film festival circuit. The brothers have teamed up in the past on Cyrus, Baghead, The Puffy Chair, and several other films.

From the Jay Duplass KEVIN KickStarter campaign…

Who Is Kevin Gant?

In Austin, TX in the early ’90s, Kevin was my hero. He was the purest, most inspired artist I had ever seen. His fusion of all-American folk-poetry with a wild flamenco guitar style was completely original, and I went to every show of his I could.

But in 1995, Kevin disappeared completely from the music scene, and I had no idea why.

Two years ago I finally tracked him down, and we began a friendship. I learned about the painful events back in ’95 that shattered his lifelong dream of making and sharing music. I learned he had barely touched his guitar ever since, and forgotten how to play almost all of his songs.

But then, thanks to a magical twist of fate I could never have imagined, Kevin and I found ourselves traveling halfway around the globe and back. And along the way, I watched as Kevin’s dream reignited right before my eyes.

KEVIN, my documentary debut, is that story.

Jay Duplass talks Kevin Gant